ORANGE DANCE STUDIO offers the following services:

  • Choreographies
  • Workshops
  • Group Training
  • Guest Performances
  • Events Directing (Dance Concerts, Etc.)
  • Studio Rental (Events, Concerts, B-day Parties, Etc.)
  • Piece Conceptualizing
  • Costume Designing
  • Audio Editing & Mixing
  • Audio-Visual Presentations (AVP)
  • Events Directing (Dance concerts, Corporate events, Parties, Etc.)

At ORANGE DANCE STUDIO, it is not an assurance that if we teach you, you will bag the first place in the competitions you intend to join. We can assure you though, that our choreographers will give the quality dancing and training you are looking for. Also, we will do our best to make you and your group work as a team, learn the real meaning of dance, camaraderie, and of course get you closer to God. (Ask our students!)

ORANGE DANCE STUDIO is not a highly commercialized studio. We make sure that even if we have a lot of students, the quality of teaching we offer is not compromised.