Party and Make a Difference – ODS Post Christmas Party and NayJen’s Post Birthday Celebration

ODS Post Christmas Party and NayJen's Post Birthday Celebration

KKK: Katuwaan, Kasiyahan, Korean-Pop Post-Christmas Party and NayJen’s Post Birthday Celebration

  • When: January 19, 2013 (Saturday)
  • Where: Orange Dance Studio
  • Time: 6PM Registration
  • Theme: Korean Pop!

Reg. Fee: P100 per head for food and games.

Dance Competition Details:

  • Form a group consisting of 1-6 members. Could be all boys/girls or mixed.
  • Present a 2-4 minute dance routine.
  • The best group will win prizes c/o nay and tay (TBA)

Are you ready for the Post-Christmas Party? Even if you’re not, paki basa parin po.

We’re pretty sure you received so much blessings during the holidays, be it gifts from loved ones or from your personal shopping (okay, your parents’ shopping)– new clothes to update your wardrobe, rockin’ shoes to complete your get-up, stylish bags, and the like? Now, you may be left wondering, “what can I do with the ones I’ve outgrown or don’t use so much anymore?”

We have good news for you!

Remember “Pablo?” No, hindi yung magba-balut sa kanto. Pablo—the typhoon that hit Compostela Valley and Davao Oriental the most? You may already be guessing now where this is going, yeah?

Okay, if in case not, here’s what this is really about: We are doing a drive for the victims of ‘Pablo’ in Compostela. We invite you to be a blessing to them by donating used clothes (but still wearable), slippers, shoes, blankets, toys for kids, or whatever it is in your heart to donate. Pwede rin cash (ask me how). Sacrificial giving is also welcome. 🙂 (Donations will be sent thru JREV Now Foundation’s outreach to Compostela).

There will be a box at the studio where you can drop off the goods you will donate. You may bring the donations as you attend the party. Kung di ka makaka-attend pero gusto mo parin magbigay, pwede parin. Pwede mo rin sabihin sa mga kamag-anak mo ang tungkol dito para pati sila, kasali. Diba, mas masaya kung sama-sama tayong tutulong? 🙂

Dagdagan natin ng isang “K” yung party—“KAPIT-BISIGan.” (Hihi! Sorry, hawa-hawa lang kay Maya at Sir Chief!)

So, ready to be a blessing while partying? Let’s do this! After all, we can make every day Christmas Day, right? Happy giving! 🙂

Let us know if you will come!

  • Landline Number: 3811808
  • Mobile Number: 09273648611/09322616384
  • Email Address: [email protected]

P.S. NayJen will appreciate your attendance kasi post-birthday celeb nya rin ito. 😀 So, punta ka na? 🙂 Let’s get as many of our ODS family to come and celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness together! 😀

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Posted on: January 17th, 2013 by Wilhelm Jourdan Jaranilla