Orange Dance Studio in Shot Magazine

Orange Dance Studio in Shot Magazine
2011 marks a milestone for the dance studio that pioneered team training in the Philippines – Orange Dance Studio. Established in 2001, ODS celebrates ten blessed years with a blast, celebrating their anniversary in two major, full-scale dance concert productions – “[email protected]” for their 10th year summer dance funshop staged by more than 300 students, and “Decade of Dance” for their 10th year as a dance studio.

ODS is a home for dance enthusiasts, where students can start off with two left feet and end up taking the front line in performances, winning dance competitions, or even becoming a choreographer. With more than 6,000 students having gone through ODS, they have an extensive list of achievements courtesy of homegrown choreographers and dancers they have raised up from the benches; a very long list of reasons to celebrate indeed!

But the celebration is not just about dancing. The excellence showcased and all the achievements through ODS’ brand of dancing and teaching is just the tip of the iceberg. Orange Dance Studio exists to develop dancers, which they have proven through students who keep coming back year after year, but more importantly, Orange Dance Studio chooses to exist to help transform lives.

From the very start, Jen Real-Lim, Owner and Artistic Director, and Dexter Lim, Owner and Technical Director, have dedicated ODS to their call to reach people, especially the youth, through dance, providing a second, a second family to all of their students, taking them out of destructive vices and helping them establish good values and life principles. “Nay Jen” and “Tay Dex” as their students cal them, are not only choreographers but also mentors and friends to their students. More than the dancing, it’s the lives that are shared that make the name Orange Dance Studio.

All these blessings, both in dance and the transformed lives of their students, Jen and Dexter agree, were only achieved by God working through them. “If God was not the foundation of ODS from the start, we couldn’t have lasted 10 years. If God is not the foundation of ODS to this day, we couldn’t had 10 successful years in developing our students’ dancing and transforming lives.”

The real reason ODS celebrates is because of God’s faithfulness for the past 10 years, to ODS as a studio, and to ODS as a family. God has made it possible for Orange Dance Studio to continuously realize their vision to be “an institution of excellence, rooted in Christ, developing passionate dancers and transforming lives.”

“Knowing that God is the source of all of the blessings as well as the wisdom on providing direction for ODS, we are also celebrating in excitement for what God has in store for us for the next 10 years,” Jen and Dexter say.

True enough, even before 2011 has ended, more blessings have been arriving at the doorstep of ODS. Jen was featured in Go Negosyo’s “50 Inspiring Stories of Young Entrepreneurs,” opening a whole new world of possibilities for ODS. Out of the 50 stories featured, only 15 of them were awarded with the “Young, Inspiring STARpreneur Award” last September 23 at the World Trade Center, and one of them was Jen. It was a recognition given to young entrepreneurs who have thought out of the box and have used their passions in life to succeed in their respective entrepreneurial journeys, becoming an inspiration to many. Concurrently, ODS has also been given the privelege to help in the production of a street dance indie film, paving the way for international opportunities.

“God will continue to be the foundation of ODS for the next 10 years, and beyond. Not because of the blessing, but because really, there is no other foundation that we can have other than Him. As a response to His grace, we will continue to work on being better pursuers of the call He has given ODS – to develop dancers and transform lives,” Jen and Dexter add.

As of now there is no end in sight for ODS. They finished this year with a big celebration for the past 10 strong, years, enthusiastic for what is ahead.

2011 marks a milestone for ODS. ODS celebrates dancing, life, and God who made the name, the home, and the family that is Orange Dance Studio.

Posted on: April 3rd, 2012 by Wilhelm Jourdan Jaranilla