School Teams

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Colegio de Sta. Rosa Makati

Elementary Dance Club

2009 – present
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High Schools

Colegio de San Lorenzo

CSL Dance Troupe

2009 – present

Colegio de Sta. Rosa Makati

High School Dance Club

2009 – present

Colegio de Sta. Rosa Makati

Phat Gurlz Crew

2004 – present

Re-badged almost the same time they entered Orange in 2004 by Mrs. Jen Real-Lim herself, this all girl high school team from Makati is one of the studio’s fastest successful dance teams. Winning some of the hardest major competitions in the dancing scene, Phat Gurlz Crew has overtaken even some of Orange Dance Studio’s previous and current college teams. Sharing the studio’s typical team success stories, Phat Gurlz Crew was formerly regarded as underdogs with regards to dance competitions before they entered Orange, now they are considered as one of the teams to beat and to look out for.

Don Bosco Technical College Mandaluyong/Sta. Mesa

Fusion Force

2007 – present

The latest addition to the Orange family came just this 2008, another Don Bosco name. Aiming to be better with their craft, they’ve gone beyond just being in high school. They play hard but they work harder. These brawny boys and powerful girls dance and move together as one, creating a fusion of masculinity and charm all at once. Given ample time to train, this team will climb the ladder to greatness, with all ease.

Don Bosco Technical Institute Makati

Extreme Unit

2006 – present

Founded in 2006, Don Bosco Extreme Unit was formed by the students who were inspired after joining Orange Dance Studio’s Props Division Summer Funshop. This all boys dance crew from Makati has the drive to continue and to hone their craft knowing that their still new in the dancing scene. They plan to be a competitive dance crew that will not just compete but to be able to interact and be recognized as one of the growing school dance crews around the metro. Interacting with some of the studio’s current dance teams, Don Bosco Extreme Unit has realized that it’s not always about winning but it’s the passion that should drive them.

Lourdes School of Mandaluyong

Ground Zero

2006 – present

Started just about the same time when DB Extreme Unit was established, Ground Zero had the same reasons as well. Inspired by joining Orange Dance Studio’s Summer Funshops, its founders were of loyal Orange students that had the idea of bringing the same passion and craft they learned at ODS to their Alma Mater. The name Ground Zero was not actually the immediate name of this group, they actually had an original name called Pax Et Bonum Dance Troupe, that majority of its members wanted to change. Ground Zero was the final name because as they describe it, their team is just starting but they are willing to improve.

Miriam College


1998 – 2001

Derived from the word “Sayaw ng Diwatha”. Sayawatha was the original High School team trained by Mrs. Jen Real-Lim even before ODS was established. Handled from 1998-2001, Sayawatha was an anticipated team during their time under Mrs. Jen. They were known to compete using the genre of hip-hop / streetdance during the time wherein dance competitions and groups were into Jazz and Modern Ballet. With Mrs. Jen’s help, the team won many championships and titles attached under their belt, but for unforeseen circumstances Mrs. Jen resigned as their official choreographer in 2001. Until now, original members of this group are loyal ODS members and some are already part of ODS Core.

St. Paul College Pasig

SPCP Street (now Terpsichore)

2001 – 2005

Formerly known as SPCP Street, this group trained under Orange Dance Studio from 2001 to 2005. A dance group consisting of all female members, St. Paul Pasig – Street was a powerhouse team who bagged a lot of victories while under Orange Dance Studio. Unfortunately, SPCP Street changed its name to Terpsichore when they were handled by a different choreographer who was a friend of Dexter and Jen Lim. Even though they are not an active team handled by the studio many of its members are still actively training under Orange Dance Studio through its annual summer funshop and regular workshops.

St. Theresa’s College

STC Dancestream

2003 – 2005

Entered Orange in 2003. Dancestream is an all-female high school team under the supervision of Mrs. Jen Real-Lim of Orange Dance Studio. Eventhough they haven’t joined any dance competition they were still active through intermissions and production numbers in and out of their campus. Unfortunately in 2005, Dancestream started to be inactive in ODS due to lack of members in their group. Up to this date some of their members that graduated are still active and are now part of different college teams handled by the studio, while others continue their passion for dance in the annual summer funshops and regular workshops that the studio conduct all year round.

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Colleges and Universities

Assumption College

UpBeat Crew

2009 – present

This crew was established in the year 2009 and was first called “Orange Dancers” in Assumption College, San Lorenzo Makati as the core members of the group are all loyal students of the said studio for years already. The following year, the group finally became an official dance association in AC and was named UPBEAT Dance Crew, which means “Unending Passion of the Best, Exemplifying Art and Transcendence”.

De La Salle University

Cadence Uprockin’ Crew

2005 – present

Formed in 2005, De La Salle Cadence Uprockin’ Crew was originally created to continue the previous La Salle Synergy that was also handled by Orange. Having in mind that it was supposed to be the same team, Cadence is more considered as a different entity & not just a re-badging of the old Synergy. Since its inception, Cadence has often been intrigued by other dance crews in DLSU sometimes forced not to join inter-school competitions, but it never stopped this team to prove their potential inside & outside campus. Cadence serves as a venue for ODS people enrolled in DLSU to continue their passion & show their loyalty and support to Orange.

De La Salle University


2003 – 2005

Don Bosco Technical College Mandaluyong

Ampli-Tude Crew

2001 – present

Originally known as Don Bosco Danz Troupe of Mandaluyong, they are the first team to be trained by Orange Dance Studio after it opened in 2001. This crew has been one of the most promising and competitive teams the studio have handled. They have made their mark as one of the highly respected and one of the most anticipated teams in the dance competition scene. For a time the Ampli-Tude Crew have had a lot of mishaps in the past that caused their competitive presence and training to be dormant for quite sometime, but now this crew is again active in the studio and are ready to make their presence be felt again.

Informatics Antipolo

Informatics Dance Troupe


Lyceum of the Philippines Manila

Pep Squad

2010 – present

Mapua Institute of Technology Makati

Mapua DanceCom

2004 – present

Entered Orange in 2004, they are now considered as one of the studio’s most successful dance crews. After having just a few months of training when they started, they have already won several major competitions in the dancing scene. Coming from a group of teenage happy-go-lucky party animals, this group has changed a lot after entering Orange and accepting Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Having been blessed and coming to a point of realization, instead of going out partying and doing senseless stuff, these guys have devoted much of their time dancing and offering every performance to the One who has given their talents, God.

Miriam College

C*CATT Street

2002 – present

One of the studio’s best teams, they are considered to have the most number of competition achievements or victories including innumerable best in costume awards from all the teams of the studio that compete. Miriam C*CATT Street is an all-girl dance group coming from only the Communication Arts course of Miriam College in Quezon City which was originally jazz dancers and then shifted to hip-hop / streetdancing when they opted to train under Orange Dance Studio in 2002. They are the third school team to be trained by Orange Dance Studio when it first opened in New Manila and their team still remains active ’til this day.

St. Paul University Manila

Paulinian Dance Troupe

2001 – 2005

The Paulinian Dance Troupe opened their mindset to a new genre when they entered Orange Dance Studio in 2002, used to dance Folk, Jazz, and Ballet this group reinverted themselves when they added hip-hop to their choreography. Being the third group to be handled by Orange Dance Studio when it was established in 2001, this group has been able to bond and join most of the competitions or events that Don Bosco College Danz Troupe joined. Unfortunately, after all its members have graduated they weren’t able to pass the baton to a new batch that will continue their training under ODS.

Thames College Quezon City

Thames Group


University of Asia & the Pacific

I-SA Dance Troupe

2002 – present

Entered Orange in 2003, I-SA is one of the few co-ed dance troupes handled by the studio. Used to be the only dance team of UA&P, they represented both dance and cheering until new teams were added to their school that divided some of its students. Nevertheless UA&P I-SA has proven itself and have had their own share of experiences in the dance competition scene, Isa has even come up with their own show and dance competition that some of the metro’s top teams have joined. Isa is one of the few teams of the original studio in New Manila that still remains active and seen at the present studio today.

University of Santo Tomas, College of Architecture and Fine Arts

CAFA Dance Troupe

1996 – 2001

University of Santo Tomas, College of Nursing

Nursing Dance Troupe

2007 – 2009

One of the prides of ODS, proving that dancing doesn’t only embody art, but defies science as well. The Nursing Students of UST joined the ODS crib last 2007, and in that short span of time, had shown that neither hectic schedules nor any other toxic duty can stand in the way of greatness. This group has given a whole new meaning to the purpose of passion and has influenced others as well. Standing strong and eager to overcome any challenge, this team can create reason to truly be one of the best.

University of Santo Tomas, College of Science

Science Dance Troupe

2005 – present

University of Santo Tomas, Faculty of Arts and Letters

AB Footworks

2005 – present

University of Santo Tomas, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

Terpsichorean Circle

2008 – present

University of Santo Tomas, Faculty of Pharmacy

Pharmacy Dance Troupe

2010 – present

University of the East Ramon Magsaysay


2007 – present

A new addition who hit the ODS scene also in 2007 was another nursing team. The students from UERM gave their trust and loyalty to ODS, and since then, Orange has equipped them with all the necessary qualities of a dancer. They’ve got character, power and skills… They’re winners and here to stay. As science has evolved and improves, this powerful team has emerged as one of the teams to beat. Champions in their own league, as they have shared their lives with ODS, their potentials have been discovered and have been fully developed.

University of the Philippines Diliman, College of Engineering


2004 – 2005

University of the Philippines Manila

Indayog Dance Varsity

2002 – 2006

Considered as one of Orange Dance Studio’s best trained teams, and also one of the first teams taught when the studio was just a year old in New Manila. UP Manila Indayog Dance Varsity started under Orange Dance Studio in 2002, but for some unexpected circumstance they left in 2006. Due to the fact that most of the original members of the said group who trained under the studio graduated and only a few were left to make them stay. Although there was a change of heart within the group, the original Indayog members who started under Orange still remains loyal and undoubtedly continue their support for the studio.