Vision & Purpose


  • To establish an institution of excellence rooted in Christ
  • To develop passionate dancers
  • To help transform lives


  • We see an institution of excellence rooted in Christ, developing passionate dancers and transforming lives.


  • To be known as a dance studio that promotes holistic growth of individuals.
  • To use the studio for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.
  • To equip servant leaders who will build a structure of influence to its members.
  • To base our actions and decisions on Christ centered principles.
  • To serve as a venue for dance enthusiasts eager to reach their fullest potentials.
  • To encourage the members to fully appreciate and enjoy the gift of dance.
  • To provide quality choreography based on precision, sensitive to the level of students’ abilities.
  • To bring out excellence and versatility in a dancer’s ability to perform.
  • To cultivate an understanding of life’s purpose through the art of dance.
  • To instill and practice the essence of healthy competition.
  • To encourage members in living a Christ-like lifestyle through practicing Bible-based values.