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For most of us, if not all, it’s not just the brand of dancing that we keep coming back for here at ODS. The lives we share is really what makes us Orange Dance Studio. Come, experience it for yourself.

Mutya Torres Core Member and Alumna, UP Manila Indayog Dance Varsity

ODS will teach you not just dance but they will show you what IS dance. Dance is not moves or routines, its a story. And with story you need ..characters — characters ODS will bring you are the old and new friends you will be with in your story. This people will make your story really worth to remember. And even as your story or journey ends with ODS, these characters will always be with you and won’t be forgotten.

Hans Hafalla Student, University of Asia & the Pacific

Teaching dance is one thing. Passing on the passion for the art is another. A place where dance is no longer just “dance”, Orange Dance Studio lives out the discipline of dance in whatever they do. You don’t just come out a good dancer, you come out a better person.

Vin Tan Alumnus, Mapua Makati DanceCom

Orange Dance Studio is the place to be. It is a home where we realize our full potential and glorify God; a place where we celebrate our passion for dance.

Baz Umali Member, CSR HS Phat Gurlz Crew

I love ODS because this is where I can truly be myself, express myself through dance and have awesome moments with people whom I share the same passion with – Dancing!

Karen Jamias President, CSR HS Phat Gurlz Crew

ODS helps individuals improve their skills and enlighten their lives. It is our beloved home where we are free to express and celebrate God’s gift of dance.

Jeanne Manarpiis Member, CSR HS Phat Gurlz Crew

Orange Dance Studio is united as one family. For ODS, it’s not just about enhancing our dancing skills but also about having strong faith in God. They develop dancers and teach us to offer it to our one and only God.

Arvin Higoy President, Don Bosco Makati HS Extreme Unit

Everything is in here: Passion, Faith, Inspiration and Love. They nurtured us so much, not only with dancing, but with our personalities as well. Wherever I will be, in any part of the world, I’ll lift up my ODS pride. That’s how I treasure my family, Orange Dance Studio.

Homer Mangubat Alumnus, Don Bosco Mandaluyong HS Fusion Force

It’s my second home, the best place where we bond, love, and learn at the same time. It’s a place that will help boost your self-confidence and rapport with your co-dancers, as well as a place to grow as a person. Choreographers here are not just teachers, but are like siblings to us. Orange Dance studio “is the place to enhance your talent, especially in dancing.” I LOVE ORANGE DANCE STUDIO.

Tiger Montemayor Member, Don Bosco Makati HS Extreme Unit

Orange Dance Studio is like my second home because it’s not just a dance studio; it’s a place where awesome people are. And dance is not the only thing that ODS taught me. They taught me determination, sacrifice and the passion for what I love to do, “Dance”.

Nico Soliven President, LSM HS Ground Zero